Pearl Thevanayagam came to England at the age of 21 to study English literature in 1976. She returned home in 1981 after the death of her father and embarked on a successful career in war reporting.


Lavanya Loganathan was born in Ealing Hospital in 1996. She is one of three generations living under the same roof in Greenford, a large suburb in the west London borough of Ealing.


Anonymous (Batticaloa) was born in Batticaloa, Eastern Province in 1965. By his early teens, Batticaloa had begun to feel the effects of conflict after the 1977 riots. When he reached university age in 1983, his father abruptly sent him to India for studies.


Ambica Selvaraj was born in a multicultural neighbourhood in Colombo in April 1951. Though she spoke Tamil at home and in school, she spent most of her childhood in
the company of Sinhalese and
English-speaking children,
unaware of the issues that would become so salient later on.